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BB&T Financial Foundations

Providing basic financial education to those who need it most.

Understanding and managing personal finances is a challenge for many. BB&T is here to share basic financial knowledge to help our communities move in a brighter direction. These resources can help you gain more control of your financial life. Participate in our free interactive course to learn financial hints and tips. Resources are available for every age, so please pass this along to your family and friends so everyone in your life can benefit from a sound financial future.

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Course Descriptions:

Grade School Age Vault: Understanding Money

Learn about saving, budgeting, earning money, and how to make the right financial decisions for your future.

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Age: 8-13 years old

High School Age – EverFi: Financial Literacy

Set yourself up for financial success! In this course, you’ll learn about banking, credit cards, paying for college and everything in between.

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Age: 14-18 years old

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Adult Age – BB&T Financial Foundations

Pay Day Loans, Prepaid Cards, Emergency Savings and more: this collection of learning topics covers the basics of personal finance.

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Grades: 18+ years old

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